At the age of 26, cancer is the last thing you expect to be thrown your way. My husband and I were newlyweds, with our lives stretched ahead of us, when our world was rocked by a cancer diagnosis. My husband’s ‘acid reflux’ was actually Esophageal Adeno Carcinoma.  No part of us expected this, or had any clue how our lives would be turned upside down over the next few months. We were freelance actors and teachers, living the dream life in NYC, when all of that was put on pause. Thoughts of career goals, travel plans, even home decorating-things that consumed our lives up until that moment, evaporated. This, however, did not leave a void as you might expect. Instead we were filled with the desire to fight this illness and lift each other up. We were instantaneously granted the most beautiful and important perspective. We learned in the wee hours of our marriage never to take each other for granted, and how to love hard 'in sickness and in health'. As we navigated through treatment and recovery, I found myself drawn to the idea of care. How can we care for our loved ones, near and far, in the most effective and beneficial way?

It's easy to feel helpless when someone you love is going through something difficult. It’s even harder when you’re far away. Better Boxes sends your love long distance, and comforts, warms, and cheers the people you love.

Our goal is to cultivate boxes that are not only affordable, but are keenly in tune with your loved ones specific needs.