Wholesale 50 Books Option: 25% DISCOUNT

Wholesale 50 Books Option: 25% DISCOUNT


The Better Book is now available for WHOLESALE! Ships in 1-2 business days.

I created this planner for my husband and I to use as we navigated his cancer treatment. We learned a lot, and as it developed, I decided I wanted to create an available printed version. I am excited and grateful to share The Better Book with you now.


Book includes sections for Personal Contact Information, Doctor Contact Information, Prescription Log, Important Dates Chart, Appointment Notes, Questions Log, Bills and Payment, Support Log, 6 months of Weekly Tracker, and Daily Journal Pages.

-8" x 5" Paper Back book, 140 pages

-1-2 day shipping

-Shipped in a Large Flat Rate Box ($18.90)

-Sending it directly as a gift? Price can be hidden, and a special message inclosed for your recipient.

Tommy is well on his way to beating esophageal cancer. All proceeds go to our continued medical expenses and treatment costs!

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