I'm Writing for Cancer Wellness Magazine!

I am currently writing a monthly column for Cancer Wellness Magazine! I am over the moon at this opportunity, and wanted to share my writings here for you to read. I will be updating this post and linking the most recent columns as their posted. Thank you for reading!

COLUMN 1: In Sickness and in Health

I was still trying to figure out what it meant to be a wife. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How can I serve this marriage, and how can this marriage serve me? In less than two months, the label “newlywed wife” turned into “chief caregiver.” Days before Tommy’s diagnosis, I spent the afternoon at a Social Security office, tediously trying to change my last name. I called afterward to complain to my sister about the hassle, blissfully unaware of the wave of trauma that would soon overtake us. Suddenly “wife” meant so much more.
— Jessica Walker for Cancer Wellness Magazine
Our marriage has undeniably changed since Tommy’s diagnosis. We are closer than we have ever been, and it’s not because we feel like we “should” be. We are going through this great challenge together, and we are closer because we use this opportunity to take a breath, take a step back, and really consider what is most important. For us, it’s being together and loving hard. That’s it.
— Jessica Walker for Cancer Wellness Magazine
Truthfully, I genuinely expected us to drop back into the “newlywed” storyline we had embarked upon before Tommy’s diagnosis, but that storyline no longer “fit.” We had our lives back in our own hands, but trying to have the relationship we had before cancer didn’t feel authentic.
— Jessica Walker for Cancer Wellness Magazine
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