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10 Things I Wish I Had Known When My Husband was Diagnosed with Cancer: 1.5 Years Later

It’s been a year and a half since Tommy was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It honestly feels like a lifetime ago. So much about our lives has changed, and so much has been learned. I woke up today feeling incredibly grateful for the place we are at right this moment. I say this moment because we have learned to appreciate the present in a way I could not have understood a year and a half ago. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but today, right this moment there is so much to be grateful for. I was thinking back to the very beginning of this journey, and wondered what advice would have been helpful to hear in those early days. I would not have been able to fully understand it all at the time, but I came up with a list of things that might be helpful for new caregivers/fighters.

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Cancer Resources Blog Series: Working During Cancer Treatment

One of the biggest surprises to me during the past year is the amount of support available to cancer fighters. I know about them now, but at the beginning, I had no idea the number of resources we could have been taking advantage of! When you first have a diagnosis, your brain is going a million miles a minute, and you don’t always have time to seek out these resources. To make them accessible, I am starting a weekly series highlighting some of the resources we found to be most helpful. These will range from financial assistance, therapy and counseling, transportation aids, at-home nurses, and more. Have an organization or resource you love and want to share? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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