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Using the 'Ball and the Box Analogy' to Navigate Living With Cancer

Recently I came across a picture being shared on social media that brilliantly illustrated grief. It is called “The Ball and the Box Analogy”. Lauren Herschel originally posted the photo (shown below) with the explanation that the button represents the pain you feel from grief and loss. When we first experience grief, our “ball” is huge. It frequently and easily hits the pain button, and it’s hard to avoid or ignore. As time goes on, the ball shrinks. This doesn’t mean that the pain hurts any less when it’s hit, but the hits become less frequent, with more recovery time in between.

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Just Be Still

I’ve never been good at meditating. I attempted to practice various methods in college but always found myself getting distracted, getting bored, and eventually getting up off the floor to do something else. I had essentially given up, finding daily journaling to have the centering effect I was seeking through meditation. Recently a friend recommended I give it another go. This was after I shared how frustrated I was by the never-ending cycle of worrying about the future while desperately trying to remain in the moment. The present was painful, the future was scary, and I didn’t know where to focus. I decided to try again, not expecting much to come from it.

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Positivity: Easier Said Than Done

I have spoken before about the positives (its even difficult for me to type that) of cancer, and they can be undeniable a lot of the time. That being said, I haven’t felt positive this week. Nothing bad happened, treatments are going really well, but I just felt like my positivity was forced/false. My most prominent emotion was anger. I found myself feeling angry; angry for Tommy as he was poked and prodded and fed new medications, angry for the lack of normalcy in our first year of marriage, and angry at myself for not being able to shake this negative perception. I felt like I was leading a double life: the one I wanted to be feeling, and how I actually felt. How do you remain positive without completely denying the reality of your situation?

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